Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun, Quintana Roo

There is no place in Mexico that can truly match Cancun for beauty and luxurious comfort, as countless Royal Holiday members can confirm. A planned development created by the Mexican government in 1967 in order to capitalize on the tourism industry, Cancun was transformed from a village with a handful of fishermen’s families into one of the world’s premier resorts, and it continues to delight tourists every year with its pristine beaches, exciting nightlife, and astounding natural beauty. Royal Holiday members looking to enjoy endless days of oceanfront relaxation or to party every night away will find it in Cancun.

In order to meet demand, Royal Holiday is affiliated with two luxury resorts in Cancun, the Park Royal Cancun and the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe. For smaller families and groups, the Park Royal will offer all the all-inclusive fun that one might want and more. Featuring restaurants ranging from high-class Italian to endless buffets, an excellent Spa & Fitness Center with massage therapy experts trained in Shiatsu and Swedish techniques, and a short walk right to the beach, it offers a first-class resort experience. The Grand Park Royal, which can accommodate larger groups, provides even greater entertainment and conveniences, including an in-house arcade, doctor, and beauty salon, while its gorgeous rooms feature private balconies and terraces with views of the ocean. Both resorts are located right in the center of the action in Cancun, making it perfect for the Royal Holiday traveler hoping to experience the best the city has to offer.

While Cancun has a reputation as a 24-hour party, in reality, this corner of Mexico has much more to offer. Royal Holiday members will find many opportunities to beat the crowds and enjoy vast natural beauty and astounding glimpses into the past. Known as the “Gateway to El Munda Maya,” the Mayan World, Cancun provides easy access to locations such as Tulum, a fortress of the Mayan people located in the inland jungles, which is just an easy ferry ride from Cancun to the mainland away. The state of Quintana Roo offers numerous archaeological delights, and travelers will do well to take some time away from the island to visit these ancient ruins.

Others will want to simply enjoy a peaceful beach, and nearby Holbox Island fits the bill as an ecological reserve with glorious coral beaches. A part of the Yum Balam Natural Reserve, it may be most beautiful at night, when the stars shine overhead. Royal Holiday travelers looking to experience the region as it was before the tourism boom will do well to take a trip to Mahahual, a fishing village turned tourist retreat offering the kind of peacefulness that often eludes the partygoers of Cancun, or Isla Mujeres, which boasts some of the clearest waters in the Caribbean.

Nevertheless, no one travels to Cancun exclusively for peace and quiet. In addition to the variety of sports available in the resort city, ranging from dozens of excellent PGA-quality golf courses to some of the best diving in Mexico, Cancun offers urban excitement that outshines some of the biggest party capitals in the world. Shoppers will fall in love with the Mexican crafts available at La Casa del Arte popular Mexicano before taking a trip to Mercado Coral Negro, an open-air market that bustles with new and old world charm alike. And, of course, the city’s innumerable nightclubs, dance venues, and concert spots provide all the tasty drinks, exciting music, and endless dancing a partier could desire.

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Male Voice: Cancun, jewel of the Yucatan… Once home to Mayan kings, this seaside paradise is now a vacation treasure, cherished by travelers worldwide, and no other resort captures this dynamic spirit like Royal Holiday’s all inclusive Park Royal Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Located in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, Park Royal Cancun rises up from the earth like a Mayan kingdom reborn. This majestic architecture marries the region’s rich cultural heritage with the best of modern design.

Step inside the resort, and you’ll quickly discover the region’s other most notable tradition, first rate hospitality. At Park Royal Cancun, the guest is king.

Michelle Gains: Excellent service, you know, you don’t really want for anything. You come on vacation to relax, and that’s what happens. If you want a drink, they bring you a drink. If, you know, whenever you go to the restaurant to get your food, you know, everyone is there, whatever you wish for, you have.

Male Voice: Cool and inviting, your accommodations offer you the perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing holiday escape. The beauty of the Park Royal all inclusive experience is its truly inspiring cuisine. The buffet is served fresh daily, and with rotating themes, there is always something new to look forward to, and for the special occasion, carve out time to sit in a magical setting overlooking the brilliant Caribbean Sea, while the fine dining options offer an array of exquisite culinary delights.

Home to beautiful white powder shores and crystal blue waters, Cancun is a beach lover’s paradise, and with two exclusive pools, watery cool refreshment is never far away. Trade in the sun’s warm embrace for the soothing touch of a healing massage.

Eddie Oakley: It’s all inclusive to you, if you want to eat you can eat, if you want to drink you can drink, you can lay by the pool all day, or do what you want to do. You don’t have to do anything, there’s no timetable.

Male Voice: Explore the grounds and encounter the wonder of the Scorpion Temple, an authentic Mayan pyramid dating back hundreds of years, located in the very heart of Park Royal. Venture beyond the resort, and you’ll discover the ancient Mayans city of Tulum. These majestic stone ruins connect you with Cancun’s noble and mysterious past. Return to the modern world and find new treasures at the La Isla Shopping Village, Cancun’s kingdom of entertainment.

As you embrace the beauty of this tropical paradise, you’ll understand why this was once the land of kings. A tropical oasis that calls people back again year after year. Perfectly located, perfectly indulgent, experience an all inclusive holiday fit for a king, experience the pure pleasure of Royal Holiday’s Park Royal Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Carlos Da Silva: There are a couple of things that I will say distinguish our company from the others – the cleanliness. That’s something very important. People like to come over and vacation and find the place spotless. And I will say that the Mexican touch of service, the warmth that we offer, where we take care of the members…

There are bellboys and front desk people that they know members that they’d been coming over and over every year, maybe two, three times a year, because they like the place, and they like the way they’re treated here, and when you have such a nice facility with all the services that we offer, it’s nice for us to have members from all over, and they come here and they gladly look for the service that we provide, and we feel very lucky to have this flow of people.