Royal Holiday in Indonesia


Members of Royal Holiday can use their holiday credits to stay at fabulous resorts all over the world, including two in the island nation of Indonesia. Both resorts lie on the island of Bali, one of the 17,508 that make up the country. Bali features beautiful beaches and warm waters as well as towering volcanoes and picturesque terraced rice fields.

The first of Royal Holiday’s Bali resorts, Royal Bali Beach Club at Candidasa, sits on a beach just outside a town known for its snorkeling and diving. Inside the resort, guests can enjoy an outdoor Jacuzzi and pool that lead straight out onto Balina Beach. An international restaurant at the resort serves up delicious cuisine. Fishing is popular in the area, and outside the resort, visitors can go for a leisurely stroll or invigorating hike through the green hillsides.

Royal Bali Beach Club at Jimbaran Bay, the second Royal Holiday resort on the island, is located southwest of Candidasa near the town of Kuta. More centrally located than Candidasa, the resort offers easy access to many of Bali’s major tourist attractions, as well as to the golf courses and beaches in Nusa Dua. The resort sits between two top-quality restaurants, giving guests the chance to alternate between inexpensive seafood sold by local fishermen on the beach and elegant gourmet cuisine.

Outside of Bali’s resorts, visitors will find remarkable natural beauty. In addition to sandy beaches with turquoise waters, the island is home to volcanic mountains, towering cliffs, and verdant forests. Four large freshwater lakes dominate the landscape of the island’s interior; one lies in the crater of an old volcano and features mineral hot springs. In Kintamani, a volcano climb provides a gorgeous view over Lake Batur. On the western tip of the island, visitors can tour Bali Barat National Park, where they will find tropical trees, wild orchids, wild boar, and several species of birds.


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