Post-Wedding Bliss – Planning the Perfect Honeymoon


Many people think they must plan a perfect honeymoon in addition to planning a perfect wedding. However, while the latter will likely never be simple, you can accomplish the former without too much trouble. Indeed, stressing out over a honeymoon vacation is never worth it. By emphasizing simplicity and flexibility, as well as a sense of celebration, you can quickly arrange an unforgettable honeymoon and get on with being happily married.

Naturally, there’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect destination, but don’t make yourself crazy trying to find a flawless location. A good way to maintain your sanity is to start early. Plan the honeymoon alongside the wedding, and be sure to consult your fiancé at every step. Another good idea is to pick a destination that has a bit of everything, with a good mix of urban fun and natural beauty. Don’t forget to schedule plenty of post-wedding decompression and travel time, you will need this break to rest and recover from the stress of your big day. Going straight from the ceremony to the airport will exhaust even the most ardent newly married couple. Additionally, you will want to fully finance your trip well in advance, because depending on the generosity of wedding attendees might lead to disappointment.

A common problem for honeymooners is over-planning. As tempting as it might be to fill every day with activities, sightseeing, and events, you should instead make a flexible schedule that allows for plenty of downtime. One element of planning that you shouldn’t ignore is how to make the event an occasion. Whether you choose to arrange a full honeymoon package at a fancy resort or simply pack some treats for your new spouse, making your honeymoon more than the average vacation is an important step towards achieving the perfect get-away.

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