The Big Catch – Fishing Vacation Advice


Despite a tourism industry constantly in search of the next big vacation fad, some things will never change. People will always love a day at the beach, for example, or a luxurious meal at a fine restaurant. Fishing is also one of these iconic vacation mainstays, and for many people, it’s the best way to relax. Today, there are more opportunities for incredible fishing than ever, with destinations around the world catering to both beginners and experienced anglers.

Before setting out, beginners may want to pick up a fishing guide, read about basic fishing skills online, and learn about the fish population at their destination. Catching fish requires understanding their behavior, and knowing what kinds of bait to use or how fish react to different weather conditions can be key to a successful trip. No matter where you’re headed, careful planning will always lead to better fishing results. A particular point of concern should be climate and bugs; nothing ruins a fishing trip like being too cold, too hot, or covered in bug bites, so wear layers and bring bug spray.

For most people, vacations are an opportunity to try something new, and fishing is no different. Fishers used to lakes and rivers in their landlocked home states might consider deep-sea fishing vacations, especially given that charter boats often provide rental gear and packages to fit every traveler’s need. Most destination marinas will even clean and dress your catch for you. Fly-fishing is another popular option, with the San Juan River in New Mexico often singled out as one of the top fishing destinations in North America. Whatever kind of fishing trip you choose, however, some things will remain constant. Always remember to inquire about necessary equipment; many charter boats or fly-fishing guides expect patrons to provide their own cooler, for example.

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