Places to Travel in US During Fall


As summer winds down, a new, colorful season is approaching. For most, the signals that fall is on its way are appearing. The hot temperatures and humidity of the summer are gradually disappearing. The cooler temps bring a change in the scenery outside. Less sunlight and a drop in temps cause the tree’s leaves to change colors. During this season you will find brilliant reds through bright yellow leaves adorning the different species of trees. If you are a fan of the endless colors of fall, you might be considering places to visit to enjoy this season in a new location.

This can be a great time of the year to travel for many destinations. The weather is on the cooler side, and yet can be mild during the peak sun hours of the day. This is often in the afternoon hours. Fall travelers will still be able to enjoy temperatures in the sixties while they are enjoying the outdoor accommodations of their chosen destination. In a nice temperature balance, evening hours will bring cooler temperatures. This makes for a great time to enjoy indoor activities such as dinner at a cozy restaurant. The establishment might even have a fireplace to enjoy if the temperatures dip low enough. For many, this balance in temperatures brings the best of both worlds to a very enjoyable vacation.

Now that you have considered the benefits of fall, you’re left with which destination to choose for your trip. Royal Holiday offers several different locations both local to you and abroad that might peak your interest during the fall season. Here are a few to consider:

Cape Cod

Lighthouse in Cape Cod Source: Steven Guzzardi

Lighthouse in Cape Cod
Source: Steven Guzzardi

The autumn season is considered to be one of the most optimal time for travelers to enjoy all Cape Cod has to offer. Avid casual golfers will enjoy the beauty of this season. The Cape is known for its golf courses and offers something for all levels of golf. Those who choose to travel to Cape Cod during the month of October will get to enjoy the area’s month long arts festival. Attractions during this month range from live performances to guided art walks. The arts festival has something for each member of the family to enjoy. This season is also best for pumpkin picking and a rather unique tour of the cranberry bogs. Visitors to the cranberry bog will get the chance to learn all about the process the local caretakers maintain to produce cranberries. Since fall is the season of colors, you will also want to take advantages of many of the local parks and destinations to partake in the Cape Cod nature scene.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Source: Don Graham

Lake Tahoe
Source: Don Graham

Travelers might not consider Lake Tahoe as a great destination in the fall, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lake Tahoe is a fantastic choice year round. The most popular times of year to visit Lake Tahoe tend to be the summer and winter. Though fall still has lots to offer. The hidden benefit for fall travelers is less tourism. This means less crowds equaling a relaxed trip for visitors. The area offers mountain and water views giving visitors a chance to not only take in the sites but enjoy nature as well. Hiking is a popular activity in Lake Tahoe. Fall temps make the afternoon an optimal time to take a scenic hike. You can also enjoy the views from the lake by spending your day kayaking. If you are the adventurous type, a fall visit to Lake Tahoe allows you to enjoy the area in these two different ways. Cooler evenings lend a different environment for visitors to cozy up and relax. The fall colors are undoubtedly breath taking during this season and the local attractions have lots to offer Royal Holiday travelers.


Sunset in Scottsdale, Arizona Source: Diana Robinson

Sunset in Scottsdale, Arizona
Source: Diana Robinson

Looking for a destination that will still be relatively warm during the fall season? Look no further than beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. With temps in the eighties during the fall, this is a great destination for those still looking for a warm destination in the US. Arizona is known to be warm almost year round. Some months even warmer than most would like. Fall in Arizona brings about a different cultural experience. This season offers visitors a chance to take in several arts related festivals such as the fall arts walk. This is a great time to take in the local culture through the eyes of various different types of artists. Due to its dessert foliage, you might not get the colors of call at this destination but the trade off is a warm eighty degrees location with a flare for the arts.

Royal Holiday offers travelers a wide range of places to visit during this fall season. The only thing left for you to figure out is which location excites you the most. With any of these locations, and others, you certainly won’t be disappointed with your trip.

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