Playa Del Carmen: A Guide To One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Mexico

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Playa del Carmen

This small coastal town has become one of the main tourist destinations of Mexico. Playa del Carmen is located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo. The place is known for being one for being of great culinary importance in the Mayan Riviera due to its amazing menus and ample diversity of dishes that go from the simplest concoctions to those of immense sophistication. Playa del Carmen is visited by thousands of tourist looking for a relaxing lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters as well as an atmosphere filled with Mexican art. On top of being a great place for those who love art and great food, Playa del Carmen is also known for its music. One can hear the sounds of reggae, rock, jazz and salsa filling the streets at different times of the day.

Fun activities

The most ideal thing to do here is to enjoy the scenery and stroll along the beach as you witness sunsets and sunrises. During the busy season between November and March, the beaches are full of visitors but they are quiet and peaceful during the rest of the year. The crystal clear water is perfect for those who are interested in SCUBA diving and snorkeling since it gives the perfect opportunity to see beautiful marine plants and animals. Kayaking is another common practice here at Playa del Carmen, as well as trekking through the jungle paths and seeing the lush vegetation here present. Those who want to be in contact with nature and witness some amazing sights are in for a treat.

The best hotels

Grand Riviera Princess

The Grand Riviera Princess is one of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels that make part of Royal Holiday destinations. The place has eight different restaurants serving Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Alpine, Asian and Seafood dishes. Fitness center, tennis courts, spa and a massage center are just some of the amenities available for our members.

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The best beaches

Paamul Beach

This place is known for its rich history, since it was even mentioned in stories by the Mayan civilization. It was used as an important trading point for the commerce of the peninsula with other coastal cities of the Caribbean. The beach is shaped like a small bay, so the waves are nice and calm, making the place a perfect spot for snorkeling and just swimming. The offshore coral reef is the most breathtaking and well-preserved attraction on Paamul beach.   The place is paradise to enjoy nature and spend the time relaxing peacefully. There is a parking lot perfectly suited for Recreational Vehicles for those who want to stay nearby. Restaurants are also common here, and provide the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy the tropical breeze as your enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine.

Playa Paraíso (Paradise Beach)

This beach is perfect for those looking to truly relax and kick back far away from the city and all of its noise. The beach is away from urban areas and surrounded by large quantities of vegetation. Sport fishing is quite popular at the nearby beaches of Playa Varadero, Playa Sol and Pico de Oro. Red snappers, bluegill, horse mackerel and other local species fill the beautiful waters.

The Route of Sacred Cacao is one of the most magical experiences you can live while visiting Mexico. Visit the cacao farms and learn about this ancestral fruit that was used in ceremonies and regarded by the Mayas a true gift from the gods. The farms are open to visitors and can provide those who enter with an exciting opportunity of watching the entire process that turns the cacao fruits into the many faces of chocolate that we are all familiar with.

Image courtesy of David Stanley at

Image courtesy of David Stanley at

Playa Mamitas.

Playa Mamitas offers some of the best views of the whole Mayan Riviera. Beach access is free for all visitors and there are a few hotels nearby where to stay at. Mamitas is one of the hottest places in Playa del Carmen and it was been voted one of the top five beaches to visit while you are there. The place is great for those who want to experience the nightlife and are more interested in partying and dancing. The beach is the perfect spot to find music and camaraderie, shared with all the others who have chosen this beautiful spot to vacation.

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