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Paris 2024

The Olympic Games in Paris 2024 will be an exciting and historic event full of challenges and surprises. What else could we expect of the greatest sports celebration? 


Paris 2024

The inauguration of the Olympic Games will be on July 26 in the capital of France and it will expand to Burdeus, Nice, Lyon, Nantes, Saint Ettienne, Marseilles, Lille, and the French Polynesia. This will be the third time Paris hosts the biggest sports event in the world; the first one being in 1900, and a few years later in 1924. 

Due to its rich culture, the world will be seeing the best of France and sports in this big event. Paris, the city of light and love will provide a stage for the greatest athletes of the world. 

This year there will be 206 countries participating and competing in 32 sports and 306 medals. Some of the countries that have already classified their athletes are France, The United States, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, New Zealand, Spain, Ukraine, and Israel.  Some other countries are still in the process of classification in some sports and regions.  

Although Paris has already hosted the Olympic Games before, this season will be unique and special. This year there have been four new sports added to the program: break dance, surf, skate skate, and rock climbing. There will also be new sports modalities such as 3×3 basketball, the BMX freestyle, mixed triathlon relay, and mixed swimming relay. 

Sustainability and innovation have also been great concepts for this event. The new ecological installations, renewable energy, and public transportation are just some of the innovations that we’ll see this year. There is also a diversity and inclusion statement that is helping and promoting the participation of more women, people with disabilities, and refugees. 

Paris 2024 will also have a great cultural dimension with a sports program that will go till September 8th of 2024, the Closing day for the Pan American games. The organizing committee has revealed the artistic posters for these games and they’ve been designed by 13 international artists which reflects the diversity and artistry of the hosting city. 


It is important for us to talk about the safety measures that have been taken to guarantee the health and well-being of all the athletes, tourists, and organizers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been strict sanitary protocols established like the mandatory use of face masks, social distancing, and COVID-19 vaccines as well as regular COVID tests. There will also be limited space in the stadiums and local police during the events. 

Without a doubt the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be an opportunity to celebrate the Olympic spirit, the value of sport, and the union between countries. Don’t miss this celebration of sports and enjoy the spectacle. 

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