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Royal Holiday Fraud

In the digital era in which we live, planning our vacations can be just a click away. One of the best traveling alternatives that has been kept over time is having a vacation club membership like the one we offer at Royal Holiday.

Having this membership is an excellent way of guaranteeing unforgettable vacations. Although having memberships opens the doors for endless vacation opportunities, there have been attempts of fraud and robbery. To try to provide the best services and avoid having these issues, we have gathered our best tips to keep your membership safe and secured and help you get the vacations you deserve.




Royal Holiday Fraud
Your vacation memberships with Royal Holiday allow you to enjoy hundreds of destinations and offers, nonetheless, with these benefits, unfortunately, it isn’t super uncommon to find some attempts of fraud. Keeping an eye on your membership will help you catch these attempts just in time.

We know about the existence of different companies that rent or sell Holiday Credits, offer memberships, or even participation certificates. However, you need to know that we DO NOT work with any of these companies and are not affiliated with them in any way. To keep your membership safe and protect yourself and Royal Holiday, remember not to accept any of these invitations and offers since they are ILLEGAL and risky. If you have any doubts about your membership don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to an executive or advisor.



Royal Holiday Fraud

  • Keep the confidentiality of your private information. Remember not to share your personal information and membership details with unauthorized people. The scammers can try to get access to your accounts or make unauthorized changes to them.
  • Always verify the identity of external contacts. If you receive a call, email, or text message from a person who claims to be a Royal Holiday, always verify its identity before you provide any information.
  • If you are hesitant, call or get in contact. With your Holiday Advisor or executive and confirm the contact and information that has reached out to you.
  • Always be aware of suspicious interactions and contacts that ask for transactions, these tend to be fraud attempts.



Royal Holiday Fraud
It is important for you to be really familiar with your membership, its uses, and how it works. Royal Holiday DOES NOT buy memberships and will NEVER offer promotions that will reduce the annual fees. If you see any of this happen you are facing a fraud attempt.

Make sure to reset your passwords regularly to avoid people trying to get into your accounts and using your membership; make sure you are using safe passwords.

Try to avoid using the same password for everything and consider activating some extra type of verification during your login to add an extra layer of protection.

Last but not least, check your bank account and account statements regularly and keep an eye on any unusual activity on your account. If you see any strange actions or messages don’t hesitate to contact your bank. Make sure your loved ones know about these risks and fraud potentials and stay informed about your Royal Holiday membership. Taking these precautions will help you enjoy your membership to the full extent. It’s time to plan your next vacation.

Always reach out to us through our official channels such as our website, chat, and official service phone.

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