The Royal Holiday Extended Stay – Park Royal Los Cabos

Park Royal Los Cabos.

There’s Nothing Like A Week Or Two away from it All – in Park Royal Los Cabos



Los Cabos, Mexico.

Los Cabos, Mexico.

Royal Holiday’s Club Resorts are some of the most beloved resorts in the collection.

The Park Royal Cancun welcomes back guests year after year, for a week sometimes 10 days. It’s all inclusive, intense and ultra-chic.

The Park Royal Acapulco – right in one of the most famous coastal cities anywhere on Earth – is the perfect spot for spa treatments, late night drinks and celebrating a skyline that just won’t quit.

The Park Royal Los Cabos is something else entirely.

With cozy, fully equipped kitchens and a nearby supermarket it’s become the resort of choice for longer stretches. And still super affordable, we’re seeing increasing stays of two weeks – and even longer. Important for lots of Royal Holiday travelers, it’s not an all-inclusive resort.

Rather, guests can bring in provisions from the Mega supermarket, order them online, or ask the concierge to deliver them. You can even call ahead and have just what you need ready when you arrive! There’s also room service and a restaurant and lounge onsite.

The Royal Holiday – San Jose del Cabo Experience

Driving is not a must. A rental car may allow you to get in a little more Los Cabos but it’s not totally necessary. Ask your Membership Services representative about a car rental, and remember, local bus service is perfectly efficient, and just outside the hotel grounds.

Coastal drives, the Sea of Tranquility and all kinds of natural desert landscapes are there for the asking.

Park Royal Los Cabos.

Park Royal Los Cabos.

The Park Royal Los Cabos boasts a phenomenal outdoor swimming pool, a hot tub and a complete furnished terrace. Just about 600 meters from the beachfront, all the rooms have air conditioning, flat-screen satellite TV and all the golf you could ever play. That’s been a big draw for Royal Holiday members since they started arriving more than 20 years ago.

And while golf is big, (at last count there were 13 golf courses in the immediate area) it’s not the only draw. Probably more than we can describe here.

At 2.5 hours flight from LAX, this is a classy destination, a world away from Los Angeles and packed with quiet, reflective things to do. Of course, Cabo San Lucas is an easy 30 minute drive to the south, with arguably more celebrities on hand than anywhere outside of Hollywood.

With a reputation for outrageous prices, San Jose del Cabo is quite surprisingly one of the most affordable stays your membership will take you to.

Take in the main town square. Arrive on a Thursday for a guided walk designed for art lovers. The Cathedral is a study in restraint – a real something if you’re familiar with Mexican churches. Galleries and shops make hunting out keepsakes a perfect whole-day adventure – maybe a couple of days, and shipping to the USA or Canada is – again – surprisingly affordable.

In part, because the Park Royal is not right on the beach, we’ve found that Royal Holiday travelers go for a longer, more low-key stay. Less intense sun exposure is exchanged for tequila tasting, wine on that art walk, and even, dare we say it – work! The internet plan is not badly priced and pays off – if you just can’t disconnect.


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