Vacations on the Cheap – How to Save Money on Your Next Trip


Even Royal Holiday members who have the advantage of using the club’s innovative vacation points know that taking a trip can often include unforeseen expenses. Whether it’s a bad exchange rate that makes everything more expensive, hidden airline fees, or having an accident while uninsured, nothing can ruin a vacation quite like an empty wallet. Luckily, travelers have encountered these same problems countless times before and have shared their accumulated wisdom to create a set of best practices any vacationer can use to stay under budget and have more fun.

The major contributor to vacation expense is the timing of the trip. During the high season, everything from hotel rooms to plane flights becomes more expensive. This is doubly so in popular tourist destinations. To obtain cheaper rates, travelers should travel to a less popular locale in the off-season. Travelers can also book a vacation well in advance to alleviate some of the expense. When booking a cruise, however, it pays to wait until shortly before the vacation because cruise ships often offer discounts to fill up ships at the last minute. For the most part, though, booking in advance will be the way to go.

When traveling abroad, exchange rates often contribute to vacation finance confusion. Vacationers should consider getting a travel-focused credit card, ideally one without foreign exchange fees. This will allow travelers to use it freely in foreign countries for much more advantageous terms than those offered by money exchangers or hotels. Otherwise, things that save money at home will also save money on vacation. People should book a hotel with a kitchenette so they can cook their own meals. Another idea is to look for free activities, like tours or sightseeing walks, and consider taking a business trip instead of a vacation to receive tax breaks for business expenses.

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