Sun and Sand the Easy Way – Tips for Better Beach Vacations

beach royal holiday

People have loved going to the beach as long as humans have been traveling for leisure. Today, more people than ever are flocking to coastlines around the world for a few days (or a few weeks) of relaxation and fun. However, because visiting a beach is usually just an occasional activity, many people never learn how to enjoy the beach like an expert. By following these tips, anyone can be a beach guru.

When picking up supplies for your beach day, follow author Douglas Adams’ famous advice and remember to bring a good towel. Not all towels are appropriate for the beach. You will want to avoid bringing a plush bath towel, opting instead for a towel made specifically for the beach, which is often coarser but provides better absorption. Likewise, don’t leave for your vacation without packing an ample supply of sunscreen. Make sure the SPF factor is higher than 15 for adults, and at least SPF 40 for children. Studies have shown that people routinely put on too little sunscreen, so don’t be afraid to be apply it generously, and remember to reapply it after a few hours in the sun.

If you are traveling with young children, it can be very helpful to do a bit more planning, especially if you want to stay out on the beach all day. A child-sized tent, which will provide sun coverage and a private place for a nap, is a must. Depending on the age of your child, you might also consider bringing a portable potty, which can be invaluable. Try to arrive at the beach as early as possible to get in as much fun as possible before naptime. To fuel your little ones, be sure to pack a cooler with plenty of water and ample snacks. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring along a set of pails and shovels to encourage some sand-based excavating and construction.

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