Getting Your Sports Gear There and Back Again

sports gear royal holiday

Royal Holiday members participate in sporting activities at multiple locations around the world, from golfing in Ireland to skiing in Argentina. While it is possible to enjoy many activities with rented equipment, true enthusiasts will want to avoid rental costs and bring along their own gear. Tennis players, of course, will have an easy time transporting their equipment to their destination, but the same cannot be said for skiers or mountain bikers. Luckily, there are many ways to make sure bulky sporting gear arrives in good condition.

Skis can be the most difficult items to pack, and checking oversized luggage can be expensive. In addition, some companies do not check sporting goods that exceed a certain length. Be sure to check with your airline before flying. Package your skis carefully, but plan on bringing your boots in your carry-on luggage. This way, if the airline loses your skis, you will still have decent boots to use with rental skis.

Golf clubs are somewhat easier to bring along, as a golf bag can often fit into a large piece of luggage, but be sure to pack them very carefully. Make a bundle of the clubs and stuff the remainder of the space tightly with clothes and towels to prevent damage to any of the clubs. If possible, remove any heads that can be unscrewed from the shafts.

Many bicyclists recommend renting bikes in developed countries, but if you’re traveling to a remote location or you plan on mountain biking, you should consider bringing your own bike. When packing a bike, most travelers have found that cardboard boxes (with plenty of “fragile” stickers) tend to survive the journey better than bags. Foam pipe insulation is a great way to protect the frame, while extra clothes or packing materials will help protect the rest of the bike.

If flying with any of your gear is too difficult, you can also consider shipping the gear ahead of traveling. Numerous companies exist that specialize in shipping luggage, though traditional shipping companies can do just as well. Remember to arrange the shipping destination ahead of time.

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