The Scenic Route – Tips for Traveling by Train

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When planning any vacation, you must decide how you’ll travel to your destination, as well as how you’ll get around once you’re there. Driving and flying are often equally unappealing due to high gas prices and tiny coach seats. So, next time you go on vacation, consider taking the train. It offers a slower, measured pace of travel that many find delightful, especially given the rushed atmosphere of most highways and airport terminals.

The only real disadvantage to rail travel is the speed. Flying will almost always be faster, though weather delays that ground flights won’t affect trains. By sacrificing some speed, however, you can enjoy numerous advantages, such as free luggage, lower coach prices, and far less hassle in boarding. A lengthy train ride also enables passengers to truly enjoy the trip. Sleeper cars and dining cars can make this mode of travel a real luxury, and even passengers in coach will experience a far more comfortable ride than in any airline’s coach section.

To maximize the advantages of train travel, be sure to ask about any discounts. Across the world, students and seniors often enjoy substantial savings on rail travel, while memberships in various travel clubs can also provide bonuses. Another way to make the most of your train trip is to pack a lunch to avoid paying high prices in the dining car. In addition, remember to follow the local train-riding etiquette. For example, many Europeans will be offended if you put your feet up on the seats. Finally, be sure to spend some of that extra travel time reviewing your schedule. Missing a stop or getting off too early can be a real pain, and navigating foreign train stations can be tricky.

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