Staying Healthy on Vacation – Tips for Travelers

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A vacation provides a wonderful opportunity to eat and lounge, taking in local cuisine and luxurious hotel rooms in equal measure. However, those who strive to maintain their diet and exercise regimens while traveling often find it difficult to do so. With a few simple steps, it’s possible to lead an active and healthy lifestyle no matter the destination.

The easiest way to ensure you stick to your diet is to bring your own food. While many fliers rely on airport fast food or salty airplane snacks, packing a proper and healthy lunch with fruit, veggies, trail mix, or other convenient snack food is a great way to stay healthy. Those driving should avoid drive-throughs and look for local grocers or markets on the route. In addition, be sure your destination provides some exercise facilities. While most cruise ships include gyms and other exercise spaces, you should also verify that the hotel you book contains exercise equipment.

Naturally, some vacations lend themselves more easily to staying active and eating well. Nothing beats a ski holiday or a week of mountain biking for exercise, and many destinations in the developed world have endless options for healthy food. However, those whose plans don’t include adventure activities can still find ways to move their bodies. Some ways to stay healthy include walking or biking instead of relying on cabs, eating healthy options at the hotel’s breakfast bar, and choosing reasonable meals instead of splurging on calories at restaurants. Of course, this health-focused vacationing style will accomplish nothing if you get sick. When traveling abroad, especially in the developing world, be cautious about food and drinks. Avoid drinking any unpurified water and stick to bottled water or beverages instead.

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