Tips for Mini Vacations


The travel industry has found a new word to inspire people who believe they can never find the time for a pleasant vacation: the “daycation.” This neologism describes the increasing number of travel packages and ideas that only take a day to enjoy, or perhaps a day and a night. It’s becoming an increasingly popular idea among hotel managers and travel experts. More hotels are offering mini reservations, often during daytime hours, to attract people who just want to spend a day in the city, and travel agencies are beginning to offer more one-day vacation ideas than ever before.

Planning a single day away from home has never been easier, thanks to the Internet. For most people, incredible sightseeing and relaxation can be found close to home. Most people would prefer to avoid flying twice in one day, so road trips are generally a more popular way to handle things. Those looking to maximize their enjoyment should settle on a destination that can be reached early in the morning and cram in a full day of sightseeing around it. They can also choose to lay on a beach before turning in for the night or heading back home. Couples looking to escape for a romantic getaway would also do well to consider the single-night approach. A bed and breakfast or other similar small-scale place of lodging would be perfect for an intimate and relaxing night away from home.

Of course, mini road trips aren’t the only way to spend the night away from home. In fact, many cruise lines have begun offering one-night cruises. Those who are willing to fly in one day and fly out the next can enjoy a whirlwind of travel and fun in the sun. One cruise line offers weekly cruises in which you can leave in the afternoon, arrive in the Bahamas overnight, and come back in plenty of time to catch a flight the next day. There are also convenient day-trip cruises that leave in the morning and return at night, although those looking for a luxury experience might consider chartering a smaller boat.

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