Puerto Vallarta: A Beautiful Treasure On The Mexican Pacific Coast


Puerto Vallarta is located right on the Mexican Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco. The city is located within the Bahía de Banderas, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world also the biggest in Mexico with around 42 km extending from east to west and 32 km from north to south. Puerto Vallarta is known for its diversity of hotels, beaches, restaurants, vibrant nightlife, art and more. When visiting Puerto Vallarta, you must go explore the nearby mountains and the close-by towns so you can get a true feel for what the city is really like.

Image courtesy of Gus at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Gus at Flickr.com

Main places of interest

El Malecón

It exists since 1936 and is located in the historic downtown of Puerto Vallarta. It has always been considered one of the favorite spots for local and tourist to visit, mostly due to everything there is to do, like walking on the oceanfront, enjoying one of the many restaurants and sightseeing the famous bronze and sand sculptures, the outdoor theatre, artisan’s market, bars, etc. El Malecón is a symbol of the city and represents everything that makes Puerto Vallarta wonderful.

Cuale River Island

Located in the center of the historic district, this island is divided in two. One area is connected through an extension to the new Malecón and you can find all kinds of traditional trinkets and souvenirs in the local markets while the other side is more quiet and peaceful and you can find the Cuale Cultural Center and enjoy relaxing walks or bike rides. The area is also connected to Gringo Gulch, one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

This church is located in Hidalgo Street. Within it you can appreciate the neoclassical and renaissance style of its four beautiful towers. The church is one of the most visited spots in Puerto Vallarta and it’s an iconic symbol of the city. The building gathers many pieces of art like paintings, woodwork, marble sculptures and iconic architecture. During the beginning of December, the anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated here and thousands of people come from different places to celebrate the festivities.

Main Square

Also known as the “Plaza de Armas”, the main square is a great place for people to come and sit while sharing with the many other visitors who want to partake on the celebrations, concerts, cultural shows, art exhibits and on Sundays, the square is used as a dance hall for those who want to dance after the mass service is held. This tradition has been held for many years now.

Muelle de los Muertos (The Pier at Los Muertos Beach)

Los Muertos Beach is widely known by visitors at Puerto Vallarta. Is located south of El Malecón and the Cuale River. The beach is a perfect place to walk and enjoy the amazing sunsets and spend quiet time reading or just relaxing. The pier is a place to catch a water taxi that can take you to the southern beaches.

The beach is also a great spot to try some of the local fast food, usually sold by vendors who walk right up to you bringing cocktails, fish and beer. Swimming is allowed and safe and currents are not very strong, but you should be careful with underwater rocks so watch your footing.

Vallarta Marina

Located near the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, the marina offers visitors a place full of yachts, boats and cruise ships alongside an amazing championship grade golf course. The area offers amazing views and it’s full of elegance and glamour, definitely a more pricey side of town. However, you can find restaurants, shops, bakeries and stores of all budgets. There is a particularly great restaurant called Plaza Marina that you should definitely visit.

Image courtesy of Longster47 at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Longster47 at Flickr.com

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located on the Sierra Madre, about an hour trip from Puerto Vallarta. The town still keeps all the essence of colonial Mexico and that is why is visited by so many people each year, who want to admire its architecture, enjoy the fresh air, the sunsets and the peace that here reigns. Visiting San Sebastian is taking a walk to the past of Mexico and seeing another side of Puerto Vallarta.

Talpa de Allende

Talpa de Allende is a municipality of the Eastern Sierra of Jalisco state. Surrounded by mountains and forests that reflect the traditional culture of the region. This wonderful town exudes peace and quiet for those who visit. There is a famous church here called Virgen de Talpa, which is considered an architectural wonder. It has a figure of the Virgin standing right in the middle of the structure.

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