Mexico’s 5 Most Enticing Destinations for This Year and Every Year


Mexico is nearly always at the top of lists of countries visited for leisure travel and vacations. It’s a spectacular place to visit whether you’re going for culture, for beauty, or just to get away. 

Royal Holiday vacationers take to all the very top locations and some of those are represented here, but we’ve also included a few that are more on the secret bucket lists just of people in the know. If you go, you’re going to see why.  

1. Puerto Vallarta 

puerto vallarta lugares bonitos para visitar en mexico

The classic Pacific beach destination, Vallarta is the leading vacation destination on that entire, very long stretch of coast. It’s also been a favorite, repeat destination for Royal Holiday travelers for decades. 

While they’ve traditionally stayed at the Park Royal Los Tules in the very heart of Vallarta proper, today, they’re just as likely to be enjoying a more top-service luxury vacation just down the coast. New for 2019, the Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta is the latest in luxury and exclusivity from the Park Royal and the Vallarta location is among the leading resorts in the area. 

Expect your Vallarta to be sun-filled, fun-filled, and unforgettable.

2. Mexico City 

Every year the accolades come in for Mexico City. Designated the best place to visit this year by National Geographic, the New York Times said the same thing in 2016.

The Mexican capital is vibrant, exciting, and the food is unmatched in this hemisphere. 

Royal Holiday vacationers are staying at four new apartment style hotels, all of them centrally located, and the capital has never seemed more inviting. For a week or ten days, it will be the biggest holiday you’ve had in years. 

3. Veracruz 

Historical and profound, Veracruz’s position on the Gulf of Mexico mean it’s warm year-round and makes a deep diving in Caribbean and Colonial Spanish history into a fascinating journey.  

The best coffee in the country is not just exported from Veracruz, but it’s being roasted on every corner too. Visit the Venustiano Carranza Lighthouse, the Post Office Building, Santiago Baluarte and the Fortress on the island of San Juan de Ulúa.

Royal Holiday-ers stay at the Galería Plaza Veracruz, but just wandering the enchanting streets of the city center is enough to keep them coming back.

4. Cancun 

Legendary, and always a favorite, there’s a reason Cancun is always the top choice for Royal Holiday vacationers. The crown jewel of the Riviera Maya, it’s a stunning natural landscape that seems to go on forever, even well out to sea. 

While the nearby theme parks of Xcaret, Xplore, and Xel-Ha are especially popular for those with kids, the better part of Royal Holiday vacationers come to Cancun just to take in the stunning natural beauty of, well, Cancun. 

The Park Royal Cancun, or the Grand just up the street, make it easy, to come, to stay, and to really enjoy. That’s still what it’s all about. 

5. Manzanillo

For insiders, there’s another great way to see the Pacific Ocean and to take in everything that a coastal holiday should be. 

Manzanillo is a much quieter and more refined experience although a very lively fishing competition takes place just off that same coast every year.

With two magnificent bays, the sea is very calm and always of an enchanting Pacific character. With reefs and a few shipwrecks, it’s a good place for diving, but Royal Holiday vacationers tend to head straight for the Las Hadas by Brisas resort. It’s a luxury resort in a Moorish style that could well have you thinking you’ve landed in heaven. These are just five for starters. Think of where you’d like to be and Royal Holiday will help you stay for a good long holiday, and one that won’t ever be las

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