Royal Holiday Cancun, The Best Vacation Experience

Cancun, México.

Cancun is still one of the best holiday experiences anywhere. Spectacular for its remarkable beaches, first-time visitors still fall in love with the unique turquoise blue sea and the endless beaches of powder-white sand. The list of things to do with your family, friends and loved ones is nearly as endless as that stretch of beach.

Whether to cultural, archaeological,or pristine natural areas, there’s always something more to enjoy.

Cancun provides such an unforgettable experience, there below, I’ve decided to relate what happened to me when last I visited.

An Unforgettable Journey

To celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday, she’d know for a long time that she wanted to go somewhere with the whole family to rest and have some fun. We used our Royal Holidaymembership to book the trip and to go.

We also took advantage of the All-Inclusive package on offer at the Grand Park Royal Cancunso that we’d no longer have to worry aboutextra expenses for meals or drinks. This was a terrific advantage for the whole family.

The hotel was unimaginably beautiful. We enjoyed the swimming pools, the beach, and in the evening, we went to dinner with my grandmother to celebrate her birthday at the El Mirador restaurant with a beautiful view and the sun setting off beyond the lagoon.

The rest of the days were spent enjoying the activities provided by the staff, all of them fun. We also walked the beach, visited the archaeological site at Yamil Lu’um and, in the evenings we organized games in the room.

To Adventure

My grandmother has always been adventurous. Never one to sit still, she insisted we put together a plan for the days we were to be there. The real adventure started on our second day.

The first stop we made was a visit to the Maya Museum in Cancun. We observed all kinds of artifacts from the ancient civilizations in the area and at the archaeological site of San Miguelito.

Our second stop was at an archaeological site, one of the most famous in Cancun: El Rey. We took an all-day tour of the 47 structures making up the place and only then returned to the resort to rest.

On our third day, we got up very early as we’d scheduled a visit to Xcaret. There we saw some of the shows that are presented and we toured some of the places that allow you to see the wildlife in and around Cancun. Among them is an aviary, a butterfly habitat, and pretty much marveled at the coral reef aquarium and the Paradise River.

Our fourth and final day, we decided to stay at the resort as our departure was at 12 and we had to pack. Before that, though, we had a magnificent breakfast from the buffet and enjoyed the beach and the pool one last time.

With little doubt, our stay in Cancun and at the Grand Park Royal were experiences full of adventure and too many memories to count. The resort staff gave my grandmother every consideration and we grateful for that.

Remember that every Royal Holiday experience is meant to be one you’re going to treasure and your membership always gives you more Holiday Credits so that you can continue your holiday every year.

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