The Top 5 Reasons Royal Holiday Travelers are Heading to North Carolina This Year

North Carolina
North Carolina

North Carolina

Cancun, Florida, Southern California-Royal Holiday travelers go back – often for years – to the places they fall in love with. For many of them, that means grabbing onto a place and not letting go.

So convincing some of them to try something new – someplace that’s not New York, London or Paris – is not always easy.

But New Bern is one of those places worth taking a second look. Here’s what one recent visitor said:

“We just spent a week at Sand Castle Village in New Bern, North Carolina with my family. We were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations. Our condo was spacious and very nicely decorated. The recreation area was well equipped with games, gym, mini golf, tennis courts, basketball court and outdoor and indoor pools. The resort had a welcome on Monday with a list of activities for the week. We had great meals on site and at restaurants in downtown New Bern. We traveled about 1 hour to Atlantic beach for a one-day trip.” – Adele J.

So we took another look, too. New Bern is better than 300 years old. Royal Holiday members take their pick of no less than four condo-developments right in the town. At a little over two hours from the Raleigh Burham Airport (RDU), you need a rental car, but with that, these are the Top Five Most Important Reasons for going, and staying.

1) The Town

Enough can’t be said about New Bern itself. This is NOT the beach, city or ski destination you often hear about for holidays, blow-outs, massive expeditions or total get-aways. On the other hand, what you get is genuine American small town of some 30,000 inhabitants. With that, it’s a wildly successful downtown shopping scene of quaint shops, convenient eateries (of every stripe and cuisine) and a thriving local tourism community. Why?

2) Historical Everything lists the following Things to Do in and around New Bern [ ]. Nearly all of them, historically interesting…

  1. Tryon Palace
  2. New Bern Fireman’s Museum
  3. Pepsi Birthplace
  4. New Bern Civic Theatre
  5. Island Creek Trail

But that’s still but a brief introduction to everything that New Bern is to the people who come back every year.

3) The Waterfront

New Bern’s long history on the river is evident nearly everywhere you go. From boat tours to kayaking in the resplendent North Carolina sun, the life of the river and the broad delta that opens to the east and the Carolina coast less than an hour away. A bit closer to your own digs, you’ll find all the restaurants and cafes, mentioned above, but also boutique shopping, lots of historical homes and even neighborhoods, and plenty of what makes this small town such a popular destination.

4) Croatan National Forest

Hiking sounds so strenuous. Croatan is big, beautiful and offers something for everyone – from the diehard mountain conqueror to the casual outdoor walker. The Neusiok Trail covers 21 miles (34 km) of swamps and pine forests then there are the Cedar Point Tideland Trail, the Island Creek Forest Walk, and the 13 mile long Catfish Lake Roads. All of them are perfect not just for exploring and re-connecting with nature, but for finding yourself, remembering why you get away every year and for coming back to again and again.

5) Foscue Plantation

Less than an hour away, on the Trent River in Pollocksville, NC, this is THE ante-bellum plantation to see in the south! Built in 1824, the plantation house retains a number of original furnishings, has been on the National Register of Historical Places since 1971. The grounds are sweeping, immaculately kept, and the entire place is maintained in grand style with a cemetery, garden, forest, plantation land, and the Trent River right out back. Tours are conducted Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m and by appointment.

If you’ve been to New Bern, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Please let us know, in the comments below, what were your favorite experiences, and what would definitely draw you back. We’re always pleased to hear from you.

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