Tips for Making the Most of Your African Vacation


While the African continent possesses countless wonders, from the undulating dunes of the Sahara to the beauty of the Cape of Good Hope, many vacationers approach the continent with an overabundance of concern. While Royal Holiday members can, of course, enjoy the comforts of one of the club’s luxury lodgings, venturing forth from the resort should never be a worry. With a little preparation and awareness, traveling to Africa is safe, fun, and always exciting.

For most purposes, traveling to Africa will be like taking a vacation to any other foreign continent. You will want to conduct research on the area’s climate to ensure you pack the correct clothes, as Africa’s reputation for hot weather belies many cold nights and snowy peaks. Notify your bank if you plan on using your credit or debit cards overseas, be sure to pack proper power adapters, and spend some time online planning out a definite route from place to place.

However, there are number of unique aspects about traveling in Africa. A developing continent where both rural villages and modern metropolises can be found, it is a good idea to bring a few emergency supplies, such as protein bars and mosquito repellant. Most visitors will want to make a pre-paid cell phone their first purchase, and buying SIM cards for each country will not be difficult, should one plan on making a tour of Africa. Many countries also require vaccinations, so be sure to visit the doctor or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website,, in order to find out more information about staying healthy abroad.

Overall, follow common sense strategies for safety. Be a friendly tourist, and whenever possible learn more about your destination from local sources. Know what languages the locals speak and prepare yourself with a bit of pre-trip training; French is a common lingua franca in Central and West Africa, for example, though English is not uncommon as a second language. Finally, remember to keep your passport in a safe, hidden location, and distribute your money around your person and belongings in order to reduce the dangers of theft.

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