Making the Most out of a Weekend Vacation

weekend vacation royal holiday

For most, the ideal vacation is measured in weeks, with plenty of time to see everything while leaving room for relaxation. However, work, school, and other responsibilities often prevent this kind of perfection, thus necessitating vacations that last only a few days, usually over a long weekend. Inexperienced travelers may throw up their hands at the idea of limiting their stay to a couple days, especially with a lengthy flight at the beginning and end of the journey, but if you keep a few things in mind, that long weekend can be the perfect amount of time for a getaway.

First, you should remember that a vacation should be restful and enjoyable; if you feel that you have to cram an entire month’s worth of sightseeing into a handful of days, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, be realistic about what you can accomplish, and do some pre-trip research to set up an itinerary that will make for a fun and relaxing vacation. You will also want to prepare by familiarizing yourself with the location, which will save considerable time dealing with directions, maps, and city layouts.

It’s entirely possible to enjoy a short trip to even faraway destinations, but consider booking only direct flights to prevent travel delays and avoid checking any luggage. A properly packed carry-on can keep you looking fresh for weeks, so a few days out of town should be no problem. Because of the shorter travel time and therefore more vacation time, weekend trips can also serve as the perfect opportunity to enjoy destinations closer to home. For Royal Holiday members in the United States, destinations like Las Vegas, San Francisco, or Lake Tahoe can provide a ton of vacation fun in a short amount of time.

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