Eating On the Road – Tips for Cooking on Vacation

royal holiday destination

One of the many advantages Royal Holiday members enjoy while traveling is the frequent availability of kitchens and kitchenettes at the club’s accommodations. Although preparing your own meals may seem like too much work for vacation, a little bit of planning can make it fun and easy, as well as a great way to save money and maximize your time at your destination.

Anyone who plans to cook at a vacation destination should start with a meal plan, but it isn’t necessary or even advisable to plan things exactly. Many cooking enthusiasts love to incorporate local ingredients at their destination, and plans should be flexible to account for available equipment and food, as well as the desires of the diners. Simple meals are preferable to complex feasts, so dishes like pasta, simply prepared meats, salads, and casseroles or baked dishes will be ideal. Aim for meals that incorporate a few high-impact ingredients, especially dishes that you can transform via spices or sauces. It’s also a good idea to incorporate leftovers into your plan, so that one night’s dinner becomes the next day’s lunch.

Most accommodations’ kitchens and kitchenettes will be stocked with cooking equipment. However, depending on your needs, you might want to bring a few things along, especially spices, oils, and other essential garnishes. When flying, especially abroad, be sure to research what items you can bring into other countries and on planes. Driving, of course, allows you to bring much more equipment, but keep your workload in mind and avoid overburdening yourself. Furthermore, consider researching cooking classes and programs at your destination. While there are certainly dedicated tour groups and trips designed explicitly for cooking enthusiasts, even amateurs will likely enjoy taking an afternoon to learn a new cuisine or an interesting technique.

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