The Whole Family Vacation – Planning a Destination Reunion

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In today’s highly connected world, a family reunion can be as easy as starting a social media group or establishing an e-mail list, but no substitute exists for spending time with family in reality. Some families are lucky enough to have everyone nearby, allowing for near-impromptu family gatherings, but many extended families are spread all over the country and beyond. Given the time and expense involved in traveling, many are opting to take a big group vacation, with everyone gathering at the destination, in order to capitalize on the money spent traveling in the first place. While this can be a great way to get the family together, a vacation involving 30 people or more requires a lot of preparation.

Begin your planning far in advance of the reunion. Many experts recommend giving yourself at least six months, if not a year, to get things organized. Next, have the family nominate a team of coordinators responsible for putting the trip together and figuring out the budgeting process. Poll the family to find out what people can afford and how far they’re willing to travel. If your extended family includes young children, you will need to schedule your event around school holidays. After you know when the family can meet and how much they can spend, you can begin soliciting suggestions for destinations.

While Royal Holiday members can expect to find a wide range of excellent options for family reunions, you should only consider destinations that offer something for everyone. A family with lots of enthusiastic outdoorsmen and women might like a national park, while families that have gaggles of children to entertain might opt for a location near an amusement park. Likewise, where to stay will depend heavily on the family. Big families that get along well will enjoy a large vacation rental where everyone stays under the same roof, but families who need a bit more space might appreciate something with a bit more privacy. By planning far in advance and keeping the needs of the entire family in mind, you’ll be sure to enjoy a wonderful trip reconnecting with the most important people in the world: your family.

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