Best Times Of The Year To Visit London


Have you been dreaming of a trip to London recently? As you prepare for a relaxing and beautiful vacation filled with all London has to offer, taking steps to plan beyond just the iconic tourist sites can help you design your perfect trip. Now that you are ready to take your much anticipated vacation, you will want to know what just you can expect when traveling to London at different times throughout the year. Weather and tourism are just a few factors you will want to know about when deciding when you should travel.

Flowers in Hyde Park Image Source: gorfor

Flowers in Hyde Park
Source: gorfor

You will find that most experts would recommend that you travel to London during the spring. During this time the temperatures will be the most agreeable and all the city’s parks and foliage will be in bloom. Historically the temperatures will fall between sixty and seventy degrees during the spring in London. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of London’s largest park known as Hyde Park. Though there are several considerations when traveling during spring in London. This season, along with summer, are the most desirable seasons to visit London. Airfare and hotel prices tend to be substantially higher during these seasons in comparison to the remainder of the year. Airfare and hotel prices rise because of the demand and amount of tourists. This surge in visitors will also reflect in traffic at major attractions such as the British museum and Buckingham Palace. If you are a Royal Holiday traveler that doesn’t mind crowds and a longer wait at restaurants, then this is the season for you. You will certainly benefit from traveling to London during this peak season in multiple ways.

Traveling to London in the spring and summer provides you with the advantage of being able to partake in outdoor activities. If you can make it to London in June, you will be able to witness the world famous Wimbledon Championships. London also has beautiful open-air theatres to enjoy such as Regent Park.

Globe Theatre - London Source: Doug Kerr

Globe Theatre – London
Source: Doug Kerr

You will find plays, movies, and musicals to enjoy at this outdoor stage, while still being able to enjoy the weather and the city. London’s Globe Theater is also open-air and features a full season of Shakespeare plays in the spring and summer. The combination of culture and outdoor activities offered by these attractions might be worth paying the extra high flight and hotel prices during these two seasons.

While the temperature might not be as desirable in the fall, one can’t ignore how beautiful the city’s parks look during the fall seasons. If you are a fall lover, you will be blown away by the colors of the parks. Tourists to London will not be as busy as the spring and summer peak seasons and you will benefit from a few lower costs in accommodations. You might think that rain would be a factor to deal with during this season, and you may come across this during fall. However, it’s not as common as you might think. London can have sporadic weather so you might need to pack layers to battle lower temperatures in the evening.

Winter holds grey skies and lower temps. Though you will be able to enjoy the holiday decorations if you visit the city in the colder months. You will most likely see significant differences in the prices you will have to pay for airfare and hotels. You will have less of a chance to enjoy the outdoor features that London has to offer. Bundle up and bring some determination, you can still see plenty of sites around the city. While the cold is in the air during this season, celebration is also electric in the city as the holidays are nearing.

The British Museum Source: Martin Pettitt

The British Museum
Source: Martin Pettitt

Regardless of the season you should choose to travel to London, there are magnificent museums to enjoy. London is home to one of the world’s oldest museums – the British Museum. The Rosetta Stone is a popular choice to visit in the museum. You can take in this site no matter what time of the year you visit. You can rely on the city’s museums year round for an amazing experience.

Experts agree that spring and summer are the best seasons to take in all the features. For some visitors, taking a trip to London might be a once in a lifetime chance. Spending the extra money on flights and hotels would certainly be worth it in these cases. For others, you might be planning a return trip or only have a certain time of the year you can travel during. London still has a tremendous amount to offer this group of travelers. As a bonus the fall and winter travelers will enjoy the savings of off-peak traveling. Royal Holiday travelers can expect great deals and excellent service throughout the entire year.


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