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Park City is a city in Summit County, Utah situated at an elevation of about 4,300 feet above sea level and 32 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. This historic mining town is now one of the prime locations in the United States for skiing and snowboarding due to being surrounded by three major ski areas and the Utah Olympic Park. The sleepy city went from being just a small scenic location for romantic getaways and frequented only by enthusiasts of snow sports to becoming a big player in western tourism hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival.

Image courtesy of Keith Kendrick at

Image courtesy of Keith Kendrick at

Things to do

There are so many things to do in Park City that a simple article would not make the place justice. Mountain biking and hiking are some of the favorites for families and even small groups of people who like to stay active and explore the 400 miles of closely maintained trails available to visitors. For those who are not into skiing there is also ziplining, snow tubing and sledding of course.

The Utah Olympic Park is a winter sports facility that was built specially for the 2002 Winter Olympics that took place at this location. During the summer or in the winter, visitors can experience going down the bobsled track that was used during the Olympics, this experience is unlike any other ride you have taken before. Park activities operate all summer, with two ziplines, including the Extreme Zip that is considered one of the steepest in the work and the amazing Alpine Slide. There are also three adventure ropes courses and a special attraction called the Drop Tower. The park also has nature trails for those looking for something a little less daring.


Park City is place of variety and ingenuity when it comes to eating. Its award-winning restaurants represent the best of the best from many different culinary styles and influences, so you know for sure that you will find something for everyone. If you are in a mood for something fancy and romantic, Park City has what you need with many great elegant venues; but if what you want is a place to relax, enjoy some casual dining and perhaps shoot pool laugh at a comedy club, they have that too.


Park City has over 100 restaurants and nightclubs, offering a distinct experience for visitors and one of the hottest live music scenes in the West. The food is excellent, the drinks even better and the experience as a whole cannot be matched. Downtown Park City offers nightclubs and bars featuring every atmosphere you can image. If you want places where the music is not so loud so you can talk and enjoy the company, or if you want to dance the night away and live the music in a more absorbing way, you can too.


When people talk about Utah having The Greatest Snow on Earth, they are not exaggerating. From December to March, you can do no better than Park City if you are into skiing. The place is heaven for all lovers of winter sports and like we have mentioned before, Utah offers it all for everyone from the very beginners to professionals looking for thrilling slopes. Sleigh rides are another favorite of those who are thinking about the whole family or maybe simply showing a loved one a different experience of a more relaxed tone. Snowmobiling is another great choice if you want to cover longer distances and watch some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.

Image courtesy of Sean O'Shaughnessy at

Image courtesy of Sean O’Shaughnessy at

Sundance Film Festival

This film festival was created as a program of the Sundance Institute and has been taking place every year in Park City since 1978. The Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the United States. This festival has helped the popularity of Park City to grow, and along with the city, the festival has gone from being a small event known only to a few, into an spectacular experience bringing some of the best actors from all over the world.

The Park Plaza Resort

The Park Plaza Resort is one of our most complete and beautiful hotels. Visit us during the winter months to be part of all the activity that fills the mountains with skiers and visitors from all over the world or coming during the summer where you can experience the peace and quiet of the slower season. Our condominiums come in different sizes so you can be sure that we will accommodate your party even if it’s a large one. The Park Plaza is the perfect destination for you and your loved ones to rest and recover as you explore the magical Park City.

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