Mexico: Ten Best Beaches for Your Holiday


One of Mexico’s biggest draws has always been the natural wealth surrounding it. Between Mexico and the sea are a multitude of magnificent beaches along almost every coastline in the country.

Lots of things have made Mexico’s beaches the ideal places to spend a holiday and to enjoy everything the sea has to offer, but every location has its own unique qualities and attractions too.

Your Royal Holiday membership gives you ten of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico where yourfamily can enjoy everything on offerand enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

1. Acapulco still Shines

Viajar a Acapulco con Royal Holiday

Famous as New Spain’s first Pacific Coast port, Acapulco has long been a favorite, tucked in amongst the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Acapulco is divided into three main areas for visitors: Acapulco, Acapulco Dorado, and Acapulco Diamante.

Some of Acapulco’s attractions allow visitors to take in some of that natural beauty. Extreme sports and eco-attraction abound, and a jump from the famous La Quebrada is probably best left to the pros. But a visit to the ecological reserve on Roqueta Island is richly rewarded.

El Secreto beach is the southernmost in the Acapulco proper, on the bay. Here, you’ll find the Park Royal Acapulco, with a rich offering for adult guests and for kids. The resort is All-Inclusive, so you can take in the international buffet, all day refreshments and two specialty restaurants.

2. Discover Cozumel

Viajar a Cozumel con Royal Holiday

Cozumel is ideal, world-famous even, for SCUBA diving and for trying to take in all the magnificent variety of biodiversity in the area. With 22 kilometers of reef system making up the undersea Mexican Reef National Park.

Some of the beautiful sites you can enjoy in Cozumel are the Celarain Lighthouse, the Cultural and Navigation Museum, and the San Gervasio ruins. You can also enjoy a walk along the boardwalk enjoying the sculptures and viewpoints.

The Grand Park Royal Cozumel welcomes Royal Holiday vacationers for all-inclusive resort experience unrivalled on the island. It’s a marvel of architectural and design ingenuity, with plenty of luxury touches, multiple eateries, infinity pools on the beach, and even a first-class shopping center all within easy walking distance. 

3. Get to Know Huatulco

Huatulco, Oaxaca.

On the renowned southern Pacific coast, Huatulco is an eco-paradise of alternative activities, extreme sports, and ecotourism into the jungles and the sea.

Huatulco is some 35 kilometers of coast along which are no fewer than nine unique bays: San Agustín, Chachacual, Cacaluta, Maguey, Órgano, Santa Cruz, Chahué, Conejos, and our own Tangolundas. Each has unique characteristics that make exploring a never-ending journey.

The Park Royal Huatulco is majestic above Tangolunda Bay and Royal Holiday vacationers enjoy the sun, and the beach as well as the many things on and all around the resort.

4. Everything that is Ixtapa

Surrounded by a mountain range that descends to meet the sea, Royal Holiday vacationers take to the vacation paradise that is Ixtapa.

Famous for a lavish resort district and for the charm of the nearby fishing villages, along the bay, guests flock to the beaches, La Ropa, El Palmar and Las Gatas. Inland, an extensive cave system called Los Morros de Potosí spreads underground and just offshore, the Isla Ixtapa is but the largest of the rocky islands that pepper the coastline.

The Park Royal Ixtapa is an all-inclusive resort that lets you enjoy the perfect golden beach and a resort that extends right along the beach and beyond. With a massive over-sized swimming pool, fitness center and spa, it’s one of the finest in the area.

5. Magical Veracruz 

Viajar con Royal Holiday

Always festive, Veracruz is the oldest port on the Gulf coast and alive with the sounds of marimba and danzón. While for most of the 20thcentury, guests have headed for the fortress at the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa, more recently the Veracruz Aquarium has been internationally recognized and the city’s historic center has been revived to welcome visitors to the Plaza de Armas.

Royal Holiday vacationers head for the Hotel Galería Plaza Veracruz, a big traditional city hotel with spacious guest rooms, an indoor swimming pool, beach club, restaurant and lounge, fitness center, and kids club.

6. International Playa del Carmen


The very heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is a paradise of powder white sand and turquoise sea. In the town, some of the region’s best cuisine is feted and guests take to the shops, the beaches and the famous Avenida Quinta.

Royal Holiday vacationers stay at the nearby Grand Riviera Princess which offers first class resort accommodations, endless beach, multiple swimming pools, and luxury villas. Spa services are a must whenever you’re on break here.  

7. Mazatlán on the Pacific

Playa de San José del Cabo Baja California

A 19thcentury town that combines neoclassical architecture with some splendid examples of French-inspired Baroque, Mazatlán is perfect for its presentation of beach and world-famous seafood on a coast intended for the local yacht and marina crowd.

The nearby Plaza Machado welcomes guests to its lavish gardens, the Portales of Canobbio and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Royal Holiday vacationers take to the Park Royal Mazatlán, an oasis within the marina district and all guest rooms boast sea views .

8. Los Cabos  

Literally, “the Capes,” San José del Cabo is the more charming and colonial destination. Its brother-city, Cabo San Lucas, is a luxury tourist destination of considerable international renown.

San José del Cabo offers a much more sedate experience of galleries, a traditional town center, and cuisine that is accessible and remarkable. The ParkRoyal Los Cabos, almost in the very center of one of the area’s legendary golf courses, has been a Royal Holiday annual vacation site for decades. Guests come back for the oversized, apartment style accommodations and for the chance to be at the very center of everything the southern Baja peninsula has on offer.  

9. The Splendor of Cancun


Site of perhaps the most legendary beach vacations ever, Cancun welcomes Royal Holiday vacationers, year upon year, to the whitest beaches in the Caribbean region and an endless variety of things to see and experience.

The world’s only Underwater Museum of Art, the ecological wonders of the Xcaret theme parks, archaeological ruins at El Rey, and the Nichupté Lagoon are but the beginnings of an adventure here.

Royal Holiday visitors come back to the Grand Park Royal Cancun year after year, for an unprecedented level of luxury in an independent and world-class facility. That gives you central access to the resort district while reserving every luxury for guests who prefer a discreet and understated elegance in the level of accommodation offered.

10. Vallarta is All That 

The only rival to Cancun for sheer international notoriety on the Pacific coast is still Puerto Vallarta. Famous in the English-speaking world since the film-adaptation of Tennessee William’s Night of the Iguanawas produced near here in the 1960s, it’s never lacked for exoticism, flair, and the legendary character of a beach to make you want to “go native.” 

Also famous as Mexico’s premier LGBT destination, Vallarta is a world of freedom, beautiful beaches, and welcoming, open, internationally comfortable residents. 

Royal Holiday vacationers for years headed for the Park Royal Los Tules in the very heart of Vallarta’s community on the bay. Los Tules offers Homestay accommodations in giant villas that let you stay for extended vacations. Today, more and more of them opt for the more luxurious accommodations to the south of the city proper, at the Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta. On a stretch of secluded Pacific beach, the level of service and facilities is unprecedented and still priced to be returned to, year after year.     

The very best beaches in Mexico will welcome you for a return trip with your partner and everything that your Royal Holidaymembership makes available to you. Every time you travel with Royal Holiday, you accumulate still more Holiday Credits so that no vacation is ever the last.

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