The Basics of Safe Traveling


For many people, vacations offer the chance to get away from worries and problems while focusing on fun and relaxation; unfortunately, crime can ruin an otherwise peaceful trip. Tourists have always been popular targets for criminals, and travelers visiting a foreign country can be left adrift without any support structure. Royal Holiday members and other travelers should take vacationing safety seriously, lest they run into a ne’er-do-well out to ruin a promising trip.

Safety should start at home, ideally by asking a neighbor to check on your home while you’re away, stopping mail delivery so that local burglars don’t see a pile of unchecked mail, and making sure your windows and doors are locked. Before leaving, be sure to compile useful lists of information, especially if you’re traveling abroad; medical information, prescriptions, and emergency contact info will be helpful in numerous unfortunate events. You should also conduct research into your destination to make sure you’ve met the travel requirements; some countries require or recommend certain vaccinations for entry. Remember to tell a family member or close friend about your entire travel itinerary, so that deviations from that plan can be reported should something happen.

Many safety tips sound like common sense: don’t allow your luggage out of your sight, don’t make your travel plans public through social media, and keep your credit cards and passport hidden about your person. Making a photocopy of your passport and storing it in a safe place is generally a good idea as well. Other safety tips depend on the destination; while Americans visiting another state in the U.S. can be assured of English-speaking police officers and medical personnel, the same can’t be said for those venturing beyond national borders. The best way to stay safe in a foreign country is to do some pre-trip research; the Internet is an excellent resource for learning about cities and areas to avoid, or common street scams. Hotel managers can also provide guidance on particular neighborhoods or streets to stay away from. Wherever you go, be discrete, in order to avoid attracting the attention of potential thieves, and while tricks like a false wallet or a below-the-shirt passport holder can be helpful, the best way to avoid becoming a victim is being smart. Never go sight-seeing with all your money and important documents, dress modestly, and always be aware of your surroundings.

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