Cozumel, Mexico

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Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Located just off the coast of Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Cozumel has been known as “the Isla de la Pasión” and “Heaven on Earth,” apt descriptions for one of Royal Holiday’s most popular destinations. Featuring astounding Caribbean beaches, a number of scintillating ecological reserves, and a friendly culture that supports a growing artist community, Cozumel has been enchanting tourists, as well as Royal Holiday members, for decades. A frequent stop for cruise ships, Cozumel is an ideal place to relax, unwind, and take it easy.

Royal Holiday members will enjoy an all-inclusive Cozumel experience through the club’s affiliation with Park Royal Cozumel, which offers a full range of room options in order to cater to couples seeking a romantic getaway and big families alike. Many members return every year to stay at the award-winning resort, which features a private beachfront, oceanview whirlpools, excellent in-house restaurants, infinity pools, and private balconies. Whether one wants to relax in the gorgeous solarium or take to the beach in order to enjoy snorkeling along the coral reefs, the Park Royal provides a pleasurable stay.

Naturally, Cozumel provides some of the best beaches in the world, with powdery white sand and turquoise waves. While many Royal Holiday members will be content to enjoy Cozumel from the comfort of a hammock, others will do well to seek out ways to experience it firsthand. Everything from casual snorkeling along the astounding coral reefs to tourist submarines that cruise below the waves can be found in Cozumel. The region features some of the best diving in the world, whether in the ocean or in the nearby inland lakes and underground rivers, or cenotes. In Cozumel, it’s even possible to get married underwater. Jacques Cousteau himself cited Cozumel as the best place to dive in the world in the 1960s, and it remains an important milestone for any diver.

The underwater fun at Cozumel is complemented by serious science. The island serves as home to numerous ecological and archaeological projects that seek to protect the environment and the past alike. Based in Punta Sur, Faro Celerain Ecological Reserve, the island’s largest such project, offers visitors the chance to view a working sea turtle sanctuary and thousands of acres of untouched jungle and seaside wilderness. Other Royal Holiday members will jump at the chance to visit Chankanaab National Park to swim with the dolphins or visit Mayan ruins. For those who are interested in the latter, a visit to San Gervasio, whether on foot or by a guided ATV tour, will be fascinating.

However, Cozumel is not all wild nature and ancient history. Indeed, San Miguel, the island’s largest city, has a burgeoning arts scene and museum culture, with the Museo de Isla Cozumel at the forefront. The boardwalk, or malecón, offers visitors the chance to enjoy a charming seaside stroll, while the town’s panoply of dining and shopping options will keep any city dweller satisfied. While Cozumel remains one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations, many Royal Holiday members have found that it also retains its carefree spirit and friendly vibe, a cheerful tone that keeps people coming back year after year.

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Male Voice: Exotic. Intimate. Indulgent. Discover a tropical paradise on an enchanted island, with the spirit of Mexico and the heart of the Caribbean. Here, you’ll find Royal Holiday’s all-inclusive Park Royal Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Park Royal Cozumel welcomes you with its stunning, award-winning architecture. Even more impressive is the world-class service that is ready and waiting to make your stay a memorable one.

Male Voice: If you’re coming here, and you want to come to Cozumel to relax, then this is a great place to do it, very relaxing. The way they maintain this place is absolutely beautiful.

Male Voice: Making memories here means fun, whether it’s a stroll or a swim. The resort’s private beach has everything you need to make your island escape warm and wet. [music]. Cozumel is known for its fantastic diving, and the Park Royal Cozumel offers scuba diving lessons, as well as a terrific dive site. Here, you’ll find the coral-covered remains of a sunken ship and experience the Caribbean’s colorful undersea world. [music]. When you’re ready, explore outside the resort. Nearby, you’ll find magical beaches, like Playa Chumu [SP] and Jenrio [SP], the stuff of dreams. [music]. When you need something a little less salty, the Park Royal Resort offers three exclusive pools to choose from. Relaxation is only a splash away. [music]. For an afternoon retreat, your accommodations are ready with a perfect balance of modern convenience and first-rate comfort. For parents seeking a little alone time, leave your kids in the comfort and safety of Park Royal’s terrific kids’ club, while you pamper yourself at the resort’s spa, with any of their soothing massage treatments. [music]. With so much to do at the Park Royal, don’t forget that only five minutes away, you can shop and experience all the fun and flavor of downtown Cozumel.

Female Voice: You go into town, and you’ve got all the different kinds of shops to do anything that you want to do, all kinds of arts and crafts to buy. There’s just all kinds of different things to do while you’re here. [music].

Male Voice: One of the most enjoyable aspects of an all-inclusive experience is the food, and Park Royal Cozumel has it. An international buffet offers tremendous breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Three poolside snack bars fulfill that afternoon craving. An onsite Italian experience offers romance and fresh fair, while the colorful Mexican restaurant perfects the art of Mexican cuisine. After dinner, be sure to catch a show in the outdoor amphitheater. And the perfect way to end the day is to drop by the sports bar to grab a drink, catch up on some scores, or just make new friends. [music]. Escape to a place where golden sun dances on blue waters. Escape to a paradise for the senses and a retreat for the spirit. Discover the all-inclusive experience at Royal Holiday’s Park Royal Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. [music].